Social (March)

“A socially well person contributes to one's human and physical environment for the common welfare of one's community.  He/she takes an active role in promoting a healthy living environment, encourages effective communication among community members, and seeks to preserve the beauty and balance of nature.  A person experiencing social wellness is living in harmony with his/her fellow human beings, seeking positive, interdependent relationships with others, and developing healthy sexual behaviors.  A socially well person works for mutual respect and cooperation among the individuals within a community.” (Hettler 1976)


Emergency Medicine relevance:  Resilience. Peer support impacts professional fulfillment


Individualized Interactive Instruction (III) Assignment: (to be completed in March)

Watch:  “Three good things” resilience exercise video,, then enroll at (left side of page, “To enroll 2016/2017 cohorts” ) to receive 2 weeks of email prompts.  

(15 minute video, 5 minutes nightly for 2 weeks = 90 minutes total credit)


Social Wellness presentation


Other resources for residents:

Nedrow A, et al. Physician Resilience and Burnout, Can You Make the Switch?

10 Ways to Build Resilience from American Psychological Association

”What is Resilence”