Emotional (November)

“An emotionally well person is both aware of and accepts a wide range of feelings in him/herself and others.  He/she is able to freely express feelings and to manage feelings effectively to arrive at personal choices/decisions based upon the integration of feelings, cognition and behavior.  He/she is self-aware and self-accepting while remaining flexible and continually open to personal development.

The emotionally well person can function autonomously but is aware of personal limitations and the value of seeking interpersonal support and assistance.  He/she also forms interdependent relationships based upon mutual commitment, trust and respect.  The emotionally well person is willing to accept challenges, take risks, and acknowledge conflict as being potentially healthy.  The emotionally well person maintains a generally positive approach to life that is rooted in his/her sense of personal responsibility for, and ability to manage, his/her life in personally fulfilling ways. Emotional wellness is not an end stage but a continual process of change and growth.” (Hettler 1976)


Emergency Medicine Relevance:  Conflict management, Tolerance of Uncertainty, Addressing Patient Mortality


Individualized Interactive Instruction (III) Assignments: (to be completed in October)

        1. Read the article: Special Report: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? The               Magic of Narrative Medicine in the ED.  Shaw, Gina Emergency Medicine News                   January 2017 - Volume 39 - Issue 1 - p 20–21 (30 minutes credit)

        2. Journal:  about a challenging case or interaction.  What did you learn from the                  experience, how will it shape how you practice moving forward? (one hour credit)


Emotional Wellness presentation


Other resources for residents: 

American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH): Conflict Resolution Skills http://www.bumc.bu.edu/wellness/files/2012/10/ARTS-9-10-12REVISION.pdf

AACH: Building Team Relationships with RESPECT http://www.aachonline.org/dnn/Portals/36/ENRICH%202015/Online%20Syllabus/Interprofessional%20Teams%20Workshop/5.%20Teams%20workshop-%20RESPECT%20Team%20Trigger%20Card%201.pdf