Intellectual (January)

“Intellectual wellness is evidenced by self-directed behavior, which includes continuous acquisition, development, creative application, and articulation of critical thinking and expressive/intuitive skills and abilities focused on the achievement of a more satisfying existence. Intellectual wellness is also evidenced by a demonstrated commitment to life long learning.”  (Hettler 1976)


Emergency Medicine relevance:  Leadership, Life-long learning and Intellectual Curiosity, Autonomy mitigates burnout


Individualized Interactive Instruction (III) Assignments: (to be completed in December)

         Learn a new super-user move with your EMR (Dragon, macros, etc) and be ready to          share in conference (30 minutes credit)


Intellectual Wellness website


Other resources for residents:

8 Steps to Increase Your Intellectual Wellness (Illinois State University:

Intellectual wellness self-assessment: Are you engaged in the process of intellectual wellness? (University of California, Riverside

5 Reasons Travel is Great for Your Health: